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crusher blackwell kerry von erich

  • List of WWE alumni

    2021-12-3 · Kerry Adkisson: Kerry Von Erich Texas Tornado 1990–1992 Lacey Adkisson: Lacey Von Erich 2007: Aguilera: Aguilera Conquistador Uno Jesús Jesús Aguilera 2000, 2004–2005: Louis Albano "Captain" Lou Albano 1960–1961, 1964, 1967–1986, 1994–1995 Achim Albrecht: Brakkus 1996–1998: Brent Albright

  • WrestlingEpicenter

    Fritz Von Erich Glenn Johnson Denton Hans Stretz Jack Moore Jeep Swenson Jesus Torres Joaquin Padin Jr ... Jerry ''Crusher'' Blackwell Jerry Oski John Ayres John Melas John Regus Jose Cadiz (Joe Heaton) Killer Karl Krupp ... Kerry Von Erich Kimon Kudo Kurt Von Stroheim ''Lethal'' Larry Cameron Little Coco Mario Prado Masahiko Kimura Oro

  • NWA Missouri State Heavyweight Championship

    1-23-1983 Kerry Von Erich (St. Louis, MO) 4-15-1983 "Crusher" Jerry Blackwell (1) (St. Louis, MO) 5-13-1983 Harley Race (5) (St. Louis, MO) 6-10-1983 VACATED-Harley Race was forced to vacate the title after winning the NWA World Championship. 7-15-1983 Ric Flair (St. Louis, MO) 9-16-1983 David Von Erich (St. Louis, MO)

  • St. Louis Wrestling Results: 1985 | crazymax

    2014-1-22 · Kerry Von Erich defeated Buzz Tyler (sub Crusher Blackwell) Harley Race drew Bob Backlund Wahoo McDaniel defeated Terry Funk Rufus R Jones and Bulldog Bob Brown defeated Roger Kirby and Mr. Pogo Ken Timbs …

  • PWI Monthly Ratings at the Internet Wrestling Database

    Kevin Von Erich: N/A N/A 4: Chris Adams: N/A N/A 5: Kerry Von Erich: N/A N/A 6: Gino Hernandez: N/A N/A 7: Killer Brooks: N/A N/A 8: One Man Gang: N/A N/A 9: The Great Kabuki: N/A N/A 10: Mike Von Erich: N/A N/A

  • Full page photo

    "CRUSHER" BLACKWELL KERRY VON ERICH The and Von has a to settle with both members the opposing July Kerry lost the Missouri state tc "Crusher" a brutal battle at Kiel April In Von mind and he certainly be revenge July Kerry tho World title Flair on May E. 1984. The "Nature SOY'' regained the crown when he defeated Kerry on May The two to a

  • St. Louis

    2006-4-23 · Kevin, Kerry, and David Von Erich (Various) Crusher Jerry Blackwell (twice - 1983 and 1984) Ken Patera (twice - 1980 and 1981) First Champion: Harley Race wins a title tournament in St. Louis ...

  • Daily Pro Wrestling History (12/07): WWF In Your House

    2021-12-8 · - Crusher Blackwell won a 20 man battle royal - Kerry Von Erich defeated Crusher Blackwell - Wahoo McDaniel defeated Hacksaw Higgins (sub King Kong Brody) - Dick the Bruiser and Bulldog Bob Brown defeated Gypsy Joe and Mr. Pogo - Rufus R Jones defeated Sheik Abdullah - Roger Kirby and Ken Timbs defeated Mark and Jay Youngblood

  • Jerry Blackwell – Online World of Wrestling

    2015-7-26 · Jerry "Crusher" Blackwell: Jerry Blackwell wrestled in Amarillo, Houston St. Louis, Central States, Georgia, the Mid-Atlantic and of course, the WWF.. December 1994: Jerry Blackwell (45) was seriously injured in an auto accident and died of …

  • Wrestling Scans

    Kerry Von Erich Faces "Crusher" Blackwell Friday, December 7 at Kiel KEN AKMAN Awesom. "Crusher" Blackwell squares Off With Kerry Von Erich Friday, 7 at K 1.1 Auditorium. well end Von Erich Will get a second cheneo to tangle whan the two compete In the lucrative 20.Man Battle Royal the same evening. ''Crusher" Blackwell is the new

  • AWA Tapes

    1) Irwin R Shyster v Kerry Von Erich 2) The Barbarian v Jim Powers 3) Jim Neidhart v Brooklyn Brawler. 6 HRS Good-VG. ESPN (4/18/86) 1) Leon White/Jesse Hernandez v Buddy Rose/Doug Sommers 2) Dick The Bruiser/The Crusher v Dusty Rhodes/Dick Murdoch (3/9/73) 3) Shawn Michaels v Doug Sommers 4)(AMERICAS HC) Sgt Slaughter v Nord The Barbarian ...

  • The Strap by Roger Deem, edited by Scott Teal

    2021-12-9 · • Dark Days: Kerry Von Erich • One Small Step, One Leaping Giant: Crusher Blackwell • Ascent!: Harley Race • A New World King & Vacant State Title: Missouri State Title Tournament • Out of Many, One: Ric Flair • Heir to the Throne: David Von Erich • The Persistent Titleholder: Harley Race • By Any Means Necessary: Crusher Blackwell

  • Wrestling Posters: Professional Wrestling Title Posters

    2021-2-27 · • Kerry Von Erich • Crusher Blackwell • Harley Race [5x] • RIc Flair • David Von Erich • Harley Race [6x] • Crusher Blackwell [2x] • Harley Race [7x] Get your copy of "The Strap," the history of the Missouri State heavyweight championship. Click the banner for more information.

  • ジャンボ ケリー・フォン・エリック /Jumbo...

    ジャンボ Jumbo Tsuruta. July 2 at 6:34 PM ·. ジャンボ ケリー・フォン・エリック. /Jumbo Tsuruta vs Kerry Von Erich. #プロレス #AllJapanProWrestling 🗾. #ジャンボ #KerryVonErich. #ケリーフォンエリック. 8989. 1 Comment 1 Share.

  • WCCW TV 7/10/1982

    2020-7-14 · Jay Saldi mentions that Kevin & Kerry Von Erich have just come back from wrestling in Missouri where they beat Ken Patera and Jerry "Crusher" Blackwell. Kerry Von Erich and The Magic Dragon start the match. Kerry takes down The Magic Dragon but the Dragon quickly gets Kerry by the head. Chops are exchanged by the two and Kerry tags in Kevin.

  • History of Pro Wrestling 1982

    2021-12-15 · 01-22-1982: In St. Louis, MO at the Kiel Auditorium: Attendance: 8450: Harley Race defeated David Von Erich… Kerry Von Erich defeated Dick Murdoch via DQ… Dick the Bruiser & Gene Kiniski defeated Sgt. Slaughter and Roger Kirby (substitute for Ken Patera)… Dewey Robertson defeated Kerry Brown (substitute for Crusher Blackwell)…

  • Missouri State Heavyweight Championship History

    2017-1-20 · kerry von erich "handsome" harley race: 23rd january 1982 : jerry "crusher" blackwell: kerry von erich: 15th april 1983 "handsome" harley race: jerry "crusher" blackwell: 13th may 1983 --title vacated--"handsome" harley race: 10th june 1983: 4. ric flair: david von erich: 15th july 1983: 5. david von erich: ric flair ...

  • Old School''s DVD List

    4) Harley Race vs. David Von Erich. 5) Kerry Von Erich vs. Tim Leonard. 6) Kerry Von Erich interview. 7) Bobo Brazil vs. David Price. 8) Bulldog Bob Brown vs. Baron Von Raschke. 9) Footage from a legends convention featuring Baron Von Raschke. 10) Greg Valentine vs. Kerry Von Erich. 11) Ken Patera & Pat Kelly vs. Bulldog Bob Brown & Rocky Johnson.

  • Best of St Louis Wrestling

    2019-11-17 · 2. Ken Patera vs. Kerry Von Erich 3. Ken Patera vs. Tommy Sharp 4. Ken Patera vs. Dewey Robertson (the future Missing Link) Show #2: Tag Teams of St. Louis â€" Episode #2 1. Kerry Brown & Pat O’Connor vs. Baron von Raschke & Dick Murdoch 2. Ken Patera & Crusher Blackwell vs. Bruce (Butch) Reed & Spike Huber 3.

  • St. Louis Wrestling Results: 1984 | crazymax

    2014-1-22 · Crusher Blackwell won a 20 man battle royal Kerry Von Erich defeated Crusher Blackwell Wahoo McDaniel defeated Hacksaw Higgins (sub King Kong Brody) Dick the Bruiser and Bulldog Bob Brown defeated Gypsy Joe and Mr. …

  • Classic St. Louis Wrestling Vol. 6

    2015-6-4 · Crusher Blackwell vs. Tom Malley & Dewey Robertson (clipped) ... 24 & 31, 1981: The chase for the title as Ted DiBiase defeated Harley Race and the build for the rematch takes place... Kerry Von Erich & Rufus R. Jones vs. JJ Dillon & Bobby Jaggers Ted DiBiase (Missouri State Champion) vs. Chief Thundercloud ... David Von Erich vs. Bobby Van ...


    Crusher Blackwell beat Kerry Von Erich to win Missouri State title 4/29/83 Harley Race beat David Von Erich 5/13/83 Kerry Von Erich & George Wells beat Kim Duk & Roger Kirby (sub for Yasu Fuji) 6/10/83 Crusher Blackwell won battle royal Bob Orton Jr drew David Von Erich 7/15/83

  • Jerry Blackwell

    2020-6-3 · Having gained championship experience by winning two major tag team titles, the time eventually came for his first run as a singles champion and on …

  • BRobb123

    2013-2-9 · 3/15 Fort Worth, TX Will Rogers Coliseum Texas Tag Champions Kerry von Erich & Bruiser Brody defeated Mark Lewin & the Spoiler (w/Gary Hart) when Kerry pinned Lewin Kevin & David von Erich fought Jimmy Snuka & Paul Orndorff to a no-contest when the match got too out of control and was thrown out The Magnificent Muraco (w/Skandor Akbar) defeated Brian Blair …

  • Who are they? A look at each set | Pro Wrestling Superstar

     · Kevin Von Erich #32 George Steele #35 Barry Windham #36 Mike Rotundo #37 Ray Stevens #38 Kendo Nagasaki #45 Crusher Blackwell #47 Wahoo McDaniel #48 Steve Kiern #50 Ricky Morton #51 Davey Boy Smith #52 Robert Gibson #53 Missing Link #54 Dynamite Kid #55 George Welles #57 Mr. Fuji #58 Mike Sharpe #59 Barry Horowitz #60

  • PWI Monthly Ratings at the Internet Wrestling Database

    Crusher Blackwell: N/A N/A Ken Patera: N/A N/A 3: David Von Erich: N/A N/A Kerry Von Erich: N/A N/A Kevin Von Erich: N/A N/A 4: Brett Sawyer: N/A N/A Buzz Sawyer: N/A N/A 5: Blackjack Mulligan: N/A N/A Dusty Rhodes: N/A N/A 6: Rocky Johnson: N/A N/A Tony Atlas: N/A N/A

  • Card « NWA St. Louis « Events Database « CAGEMATCH

    Harley Race vs. Crusher Blackwell. Singles Match. Kamala vs. King Kong Brody. NWA World Heavyweight Title Match. Ric Flair (c) vs. Kerry von Erich. All workers. Art Crews, Bulldog Brown, Candi Devine, ...

  • American Wrestling Association

    2021-11-4 · kerry von erich vs jimmy garvin. 6man world tag titles the koloffs & crusher kruschev vs baron von raski the crusher & dick the bruiser. ... bodyslam match andre the giant vs jerry the crusher blackwell jip. andre the giant & buck zumhofe …

  • Results « St. Louis Wrestling Club (NWA St. Louis ...

    Kerry von Erich defeats Crusher Blackwell 20 Man Battle Royal: Crusher Blackwell defeats Bulldog Brown and Buzz Tyler and Dick The Bruiser and Dusty Wolfe and Gypsy Joe and Hacksaw Higgins and Jay Youngblood and Ken Timbs and Kerry von Erich and Mark Youngblood and Marty Jannetty and Mike Bond and Mr. Pogo and Roger Kirby and Rufus R. Jones and ...

  • List of nicknames of pro wrestlers | WikiLists | Fandom

    2021-12-16 · The 8th Wonder of the World (Andre the Giant) The 9th Wonder of the World (Chyna) Above Average (Mike Sanders) The Ace in the Hole (Sonny Siaki) The Alaskan Assassin (Ice) The All-American (Ron Simmons, Doug Basham, Jeff Peterson, Steve Rivers) The All-American American (Jack Swagger Jake Hager) The All-American Boy (Bob Backlund) The …

  • Daily Pro Wrestling History (12/04): Misawa & Kawada win ...

    2021-12-4 · - Missouri Champion Ken Patera defeated Kerry Von Erich - David Von Erich defeated Sgt. Slaughter via DQ - Crusher Blackwell and Gene Lewis won a tag elimination - Dewey Robertson defeated Chan Chung - Rufus R. Jones defeated Ron McFarlane - Jerry Brown draw Bruce Reed. Denver, Colorado: - AWA Champion Nick Bockwinkel beat Shiek Adnan

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